Tip Dresser ETD-18F/ETD-25F

Repeated welding operations can cause the tip (electrode) of a spot welder to wear out and deform, causing a variety of problems.
As such, continuing welding operations with worn or deformed tips will cause the nuggets to expand, resulting not only in welding defects but also to increased power consumption, which in turn will lead to increased costs.
Spot welder tips usually require corrective polishing every 400 to 700 strikes in order to return them to their original shape.
However, at many work sites, this:

Is troublesome
Requires stopping the machines each time
Is difficult to do, because the distance between opposing tips is too narrow.

For these reasons, corrective polishing is rarely performed in reality.
The ETD-18F/25F Tip Dresser makes this troublesome corrective polishing easy, accurate and speedy.


Accessories: Cutter Case (1pce), Coupler Plug (1pce)
*Please specify the tip size for the cutter case

Tip size8,9,10,12,13,16,18mm19,20,22,23,25mm
Air consumption0.5㎥/mini0.5㎥/mini
Air pressure5~6kg/㎠5~6kg/㎠
Overall length290mm298mm
Hose inner diameter9.5mm9.5mm


To use the Tip Dresser properly, having a cutter fit for purpose is necessary. Our company offers many different types of cutters suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Please note that all cutters are made to order according to the shape and dimensions of the tips used. As such, completing an order takes between 30 to 50 days.
We may have standard items in stock. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an enquiry.

Shapes and Classifications

When ordering a cutter, please specify the tip dresser model and tip dimensions by referring to the following diagram.

Cutter ModelDimensions(W,H,T)Maximum Tip DiameterModel Used

We also accept requests for cutter resharpening and dresser body repair.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for an enquiry.